I’m off to Bristol this weekend to see a dear friend who has moved out of London to be in the West Country, the land of cider and the Shire. I like the feeling of setting off from home with just a bag on my back, the sun shining down on me.

One short drive to the station, one train journey into Victoria and one coach ride to Bristol and I’ll be there.

Even though I know that this might not be the biggest of adventures, there’s still the childish excitement that comes with a journey of any kind. Big or little. Tiny or Tall.

Before I left, I watched JK Rowling talk about her new book on The Culture Show. I’ve got to say it’s nice to see her embark on a new journey, one that’s down a very different road from Hogwarts and chocolate frogs and wands made out of unicorn hairs.

And she looks excited about it, too.



    1. I think she’s prepared for it go either way but mostly she seems pleased that she’s written it.That’s got to be a good place to start from.

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