The Great Red Spot

You know when you come across a little nugget of information that seems so astounding that you wonder whether it has just been made up. Brian Cox is full of ’em, but maybe he springs to mind because, for me, it’s the space based ones which really blow my mind.

I think I am easily impressed and this is mainly due to my general ignorance.

“Really?” I’ll say.

“I never knew that.”

I think it’s rather good for my other half’s ego as he, rather than Brian Cox, is the one who tells me (I think Brian Cox tells him) and so fairly often he’ll leave me reeling over (trying to understand) some little gem of a fact or other.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot was one of them. The mole-like beauty spot a la Cindy Crawford is, in fact, the largest known vortex in the Solar System, so big in fact that it can engulf several earths into its greedy, wide mouth.

Just look at it.

It doesn’t seem possible, does it?




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