Sausage, egg, beans, sausage, sausage

Everyone’s saying it at the moment but now the days are getting shorter, it’s getting near impossible to get out of bed in the morning. Even our persistent cat’s scratching on the door like my conscience isn’t doing the trick. I’ve started now just shouting his name in a very cross voice rather than get up to feed him now.

The other side effect of the creeping darkness is the wish to consume vast quantities of food in the evenings.

Tonight we just couldn’t stop adding food to the list.

It started as just sausages.

And then it became sausage and chips.

But what has ended up our plates is nothing less than sausages, chips, egg and beans, the “dirtiest dinner we’ve had in ages!” my other half exclaimed.

Our life’s turning a little Monty Python on us. We’re just missing the spam.



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