Why Men Pull Away

Looking at Google ads, it’s often quite disheartening to see the two main contenders are almost always about:

1) Weight Loss (I can see the obsession with flat tummies must run deep but I must say I am glad that my convex one is nicely housing some vital organs for me)


2) How to Keep Your Man! *jazzhands*

Hello, fifties …

Caitlin Moran is on our bookshelves (or it should be, if it isn’t) and the internet is churning out messages like:

Why Men Pull Away: 10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Ruins Any Chances Of A Relationship

I’m afraid not even in the interests of accurate research for this blog or in the name of morbid amusement, did I click through to find out these heinous crimes ruining relationships everywhere.

I just couldn’t be bothered to read them.

So I thought I’d write about it instead.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to try to be a nice person, I’m all for trying your best, I really am. I just think that there’s a general message out there to girls that it’s up to you sisters to just Be a Bit Better because it’s probably your fault when relationships go a little loop the loop and It’s Utter Rubbish.

When you get down to it, usually the person feeding you this poison is just looking to sell you an *insert product of choice* which will magically turn you into a robot who only functions for the smooth running of you and yer man’s happy life together.

Isn’t there better things to be doing than even thinking about this? More interesting things? Things that you would actually like to be doing?

I think so.

I’d best be off.


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