The sea, the sea

Recently I have been overwhelmed by the urge to run away and live by the sea.

“We could just do it,” I thought to myself a few weeks ago and I started looking feverishly at jobs in Cornwall and small, weather beaten cottages that had palm trees in their gardens.

I told friends I was thinking of it. “It’s too far away,” said some. “Do it,” said others.

I was suddenly struck with the realisation that we could decide what we wanted to do! It’s our life! It’s our only one! Make the most of it!

Sounds silly, but when you realise that you could do anything if you pour your energy into it, it’s the simplest and more bewildering thought. You can choose to change the course of your life.

Instrument of Abdication


And equally as bewildering and simple is the thought that if you don’t choose to do something, then you won’t. Time will just carry on ticking away.

It got me thinking about where people make their home. Where and how they live out their lives. And when is it that choice defines your life, or whether it’s the reaction to circumstances. Sometimes it’s carefully thought out whilst more often than not, it’s the culmination of circumstances and luck than bring you to a place. If you’d ever thought it through, then you would probably have never got there.

Someone might offer you an idea, a suggestion, and instead of filing it away, you send something out to the world and see what comes back to you. Or something might happen that changes the landscape of everything.

Aerial bombing

I’m not packing my bags just yet. But I’m sending things out and seeing what comes back.


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