Two nights ago saw me wandering around Camberwell after work, husband and iPad in tow, filming things like a dormant building site, one-legged, natty-looking pigeons and rubbish-strewn passageways, overgrown with buddleia and littered with broken glass. It may not sound like the most inspiring of films and indeed a lot of the pigeon footage was unusable – they flew off very quickly when we approached and did not return (cue five minutes of abandoned bread crusts) – and yet as we filmed, I realised how big a part Camberwell had to play in my writing.

It is the backdrop to my first book, ‘Boy in the Tower’. I can quite clearly place the scenes from the book on those South London streets that I’ve come to know so well.

It may not seem the most auspicious of places to some but for me, it will always be held dear: the place that stirred a story in me.



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