We have done it.

By it, I mean giving away half of what we own to charity shops, a quarter to the tip, an eighth to my mother-in-law’s attic (Sorry Sue!) and just under an eighth to our friends (Thank you, friends!). What remained came with us.

By it, I mean learning to steer a tiller, grease a stern gland, light a Rayburn and empty a chemical toilet (it’s not that bad but it’s horrible.)

By it, I mean listening to the mad sounds of ducks, moorhens, coots and swans as I am doing right at this very minute.

By it, I mean trying to avoid runners, cyclists and dog poo on the towpath as I get to my front door.

It means we now live on a narrowboat.




  1. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to live on a narrow boat. You write about it so beautifully and straightforwardly, like a diary entry mixed with a poem.

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