I recently started talking about spores and found that I couldn’t stop.

That’s not a sentence I would ever imagine writing.

Part of the reason was because I had just discovered that if you cut the stalk off a mushroom and leave the cap sitting on a piece of paper for a little while then it will shed its spores onto the paper making a ‘spore-print’! It fascinated me and I am going to try it out soon. Each variety of mushroom gives off a different colour of spores. They range from pale pink to snow-white to one that looks just like soot.

And another reason why I was getting spore-tastic was that I was remembering my fascination of a few years ago with spores that emitted from slime mould, which is how they ended up in ‘Boy in the Tower.’

The person at the end of my spore-chat was Tristan who had just asked me a very pertinent book-related question, one that I cannot recall had anything to do with spores, but he listened very patiently to my answer.

Afterwards, he sent me the beautiful painting you can see at the top of this post and I know that my spore-love lives on.


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