Day 20: Ham Library – Libraries aren’t like this in my country #30days30libraries

I spent most of my time in Ham Library making sure my nephew didn’t poke a baby in its face in his excitement to say hello.

It was fairly quiet in Ham Library today but the children’s library was full. There were a few there like me – a child plus one.

My nephew enjoyed driving the book bus a little too much (he couldn’t stop frowning whenever anyone else had a go.)


I met an Italian nanny with 8-month-old Jackson.

“Libraries aren’t like this in my country,” she told me. “We don’t have things for children to do. Not that’s free. We come here every Monday for a class or we just visit today, to meet other children.”

My nephew again narrowly missed Jackson’s eye waving hello to him while I gabbled away to the other nannies and mums.

I’m not sure who was more pleased to see each other; the children or the grown-ups.




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