Day 22: East Sheen Library – Welcome #30days30libraries


Despite the sign, I found it a little hard to find East Sheen Library. It’s in the same building as a day centre and is situated in a cluster of similar looking buildings that also include a health centre and a clinic.


I was very glad to find it, thanks to the lovely open plan children’s library which my nephew enjoyed exploring.

Turns out I’ve trained him rather well …


We met another of his friends there and after a good hour of crawling, climbing, pulling books off shelves, squeezing through gaps and escaping into the adult library, exploring the sound the book bin made when you hit it, not to mention reading, we’d worn ourselves out.

Nephew and friend sat on one of the little stairs nibbling on rice cakes, looking blankly into the distance. Too tired to even hold his cup, my nephew took sips of water opening his mouth not unlike a baby bird.

“Do you think they are allowed to eat in here?” the mum I was with asked me.

I might learn that eating is in fact a prohibited behaviour but after three weeks of visiting libraries, I answered, “That’s the thing about libraries. As long as we clean up after ourselves, I’m sure they are welcome to.”


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