The Monster Draw

The winner of THE MONSTER DRAW is …

(drum roll please)

The Killcom Horse

by Bethany Stimson, aged 10

Huge congratulations to Bethany for a stunning entry!

And well done and thank you to everyone who entered. Dan spent a happy few days looking at all the drawings!



What the competition was all about …

The Monster Draw Poster

In my second book WHERE MONSTERS LIE, Effie and Finn have grown up hearing a legend about monsters. They supposedly dwell in the loch in the remote village where they live.

Can you imagine a monster living where you live?

If so, jot down a picture of your monster, showing where in your home or area that it lives, and send it to me!

I’m going to ask my husband Dan to choose a winner because he’s the one who drew the front covers for BOY IN THE TOWER and WHERE MONSTERS LIE and he knows all about creative things like this.

Dan will be looking for:

*An imaginative monster that is scary when your first look at it … but it might not be scary when you get to know it, it’s up to you! He’d love to get an idea of what your monster feels like to touch, smells or sounds like too.

*An interesting place that your monster lives in your home or area.

For the winner, I’m offering a very special author visit to your school and a set of shiny, new WHERE MONSTERS LIE books for your classroom. And one that’s just for you too!

Please don’t feel that you need to be a wonderful at drawing to enter, remember Dan is interested in the idea that you have over what your picture is like. You can label shapes and scribbles and put notes all over it, if you’d prefer to do that over drawing. You can use a biro, a pencil, a wizened feather or really anything you have to hand. You can draw it on the back of envelope, an old receipt or on your hand, I’m not fussed.

Good luck and Happy Monstering to all!